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April/May 2018 Edition

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On the Cover:
Kaylee Dalton

Sara Anstis
Dina Brodsky
Pippa Dyrlaga
Michael Kalmbach
Gillian King
Csilla Klenyanszki
Chloe McCarrick
Daniel Mullen  

Danielle Krysa 

Friends in Indie Publishing
Q&A with KT Browne, Editor of Iceview Magazine  

Selection by The The Jealous Curator
Kaetlyn Able
Mark Bradley-Shoup
Claire Brewster
Anne Canfield
Ying Chew
Kaylee Dalton
Stephen DOnofrio
Brian Fouhy
Ron Geibel
Gemma Gené
JoAnn Goodman
Marisa Green
Michelle Heslop
Meghan Hildebrand
Tracy Kerdman
Sara Khan
Nic Koller
David Linneweh
Brandi Marie Little
Huntz Liu
Jemma Lock
Susannah Montague
Lauren Munns
Leah Pantea
David Pirrie
Amy Ross
Seth Smith
Cheryl Sorg
Zandra Stratford
Clare Szydlowski
Ingrid Wells
Sally West
Sarah Winkler

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