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On The Cover:

Ashley Longshore

Featured Interviews

Ashley Longshore

Adam Wallacavage

Danielle Krysa (The Jealous Curator)

Kim West

Silence Is Accurate

Hannah Stouffer

About the Curator:

Hannah Stouffer is an American art director and visual artist living in Los Angeles, California. With over 15 years of fine and commercial art experience, both personal and client-based, Hannah has proven to be a powerhouse and influential tastemaker in visual media.


Selected Artists:

Allison Bamcat
Anna Belleforte
Ashley Bevington
Virginia Chiang
Ling Chun
Garry D Harley
Sid Daniels
Michael Drumond
Shannon Fannin
Donna Festa
Joshua Flint
Feng Guo
Kirini Kopcke
Gudrun Latten
Lee Musgrave
Brooke Lilia Nasser
Ners Neonlumberjack
Yuria Okamura
Diane Pribojan
Hayley Quentin
Rebecca Rutstein
Molly Catherine Scannell
Alan Singer
Brian Spolans
Rachel Strum
Anne Cecile Surga
Jaime Brett Treadwell
Mathew Tucker
Ben Willis
Ken Wood
Stella Diming Zhong
Evie Zimmer

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