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By Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig 

Hello, fellow artists! If your goals include being published, having more and better exhibition opportunities, using social media to elevate your public image and finding gallery representation, the strategies outlined in our book can help. We’ve integrated our combined knowledge and experiences building our respective careers in the art world and put together our best tips and tricks in this easy-to-follow guide. During our years in art school and in the early part of our careers, we both struggled with so many questions about how to show our work, market ourselves, and make the transition from student to professional. This guide is what we wished we had back then! It is full of our personal experiences and anecdotes, our mistakes, our successes, our failures, our fears, and our dreams. Our hope is that you can use this book as a resource to help you move ahead in your career as an artist - whether you are just starting out or seeking the next level. 

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